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One Stop Metal Shop

One Stop Metal Shop Is a show that will play the best metal songs each week. I will also so be giving […]


POWER Playlist 21/08

POWER has a heart, you know? We have feelings. We decided to let a few of them out last Thursday. It was […]


LAVA ROCK & IRON Playlist 21/08

The simpsons – Opening themeBehemoth – Alas the lord is upon meMelvins – honey bucketThe simpsons – Happy birthday Mr SmithersRob zombie […]


LOUD NOISES Playlist 21/08

Loud Noises Playlist 21/08/14: Daemon Pyre– DefeatedDream On, Dreamer– Darkness Brought Me HerePridelands– Devil’s SnareSierra- Suburban FameFour Year Strong– What’s In The […]

LAVA ROCK & IRON Playlist 14/08

Dimmu borgir – born treacherousarch enemy – revolution beginscavalera conspiracy – nevertrustamon amarth – valkaries ridebehemoth – from the pagen vast landsblack […]


POWER Playlist 14/08

Here at POWER, we celebrate metal of all stripes. That’s why on last night’s show, we took you on a walking tour […]


LOUD NOISES Playlist 14/08

LOUD NOISES Playlist – 14/08/2014Lee Corey Oswald – SnowglobeFunerary – Coerced Creation  Threshold – Watchtower on the MoonWorms Feed – Hank Williams is Gone  Kill Dirty Youth – […]

LAVA ROCK & IRON Playlist 07/08

King Parrot – shit on the liverMeshuggah – bleedCryptic abyss – blood on the nature stripgojira – toxis garbage islandcryptic abyss – […]


POWER Playlist 07/08

Sometimes it’s best not to fly alone. Even Tom and Best understand that, so tonight we had our glorious leader and Moshpit […]


LOUD NOISES Playlist 07/08

LOUD NOISES playlist for tonight!: Kids – DrawCard Hell’s Direction (feat. Kool G Rap) – ColdWorld (Official) Horror Scene – Mayweather Insomnia – Captives Monsters – DIAMOND […]