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The First Bite

Sink your teeth into The First Bite, a delectable Sunday seasonal from 4-5pm on SYN 90.7FM, which is sure to tempt your […]

Alex Attempts Puns on Get Cereal

Producer Alex attempted to make some puns on Tuesday, some of them were Pun-bearable. Christian chimed in with his own Pun-ishment, you […]


Sunday Punday

This is a show about the week that was and the art of puns. That witty little turn of phrase that takes […]


Technical Difficulties Podcast Episode 1 20/07/14

In this episode: – A parody song about parodies – Grant is set a challenge to blurt out as many puns from […]


Technical Difficulties

TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES is SYN’s award winning comedy sketch show. Featuring live segments and games, comedy sketches and original music.