Skyscraper schooling: the way of the future?

The population of Victoria is ever expanding and with this growth comes the demand for more schools. To accommodate this, the Victorian […]


Kitchen gardens in schools

Earlier this week, the state government announced a 1.5 million dollar investment in a program dedicated to developing kitchen gardens in schools. […]


AEU Forum for Victorian LGBTIQ Students and Staff – Midsumma Festival

The Naughty Rude Show was lucky enough to score an invitation to a recent forum hosted by the Australian Education Forum on […]


Lucy Thomas Interview

We sat down with Project Rockit co-founder Lucy Thomas, to talk about bullying, sex education in schools and empowering young people to […]


Sarah May performs Trapped and Let Her Go

Hear Sarah May perform two of her own original songs live in SYN’s studio.    


Most embarrassing moments

Listen in to hear students from Mullauna College share some embarrassing stories (including some celebrity ones!). 


SYN Radio Tours

Get a taste of making radio with SYN’s 90 minute Radio Tour. The tour is a great short excursion for school, community and […]

SYN Media Learning Workshops

Get your students making creative digital video and audio through SYN’s Media Learning Workshops. SYN offers two options to boost your students’ […]

Schools On Air

Our most popular education program, SYN’s ‘Schools On Air’ live radio puts students in our on-air studio to create their own broadcasts […]