Oppenheimer: Christopher Nolan Casts some Light on the Darkness Covering the Atomic Bomb’s Father

Oppenheimer preview screening provided by Universal Pictures “Whether for better or worse, Oppenheimer is Nolan at his most un-Nolan-like, taking the best […]


Extra-Terrestrial Scoop! EP4 – Exoplanets

On today’s episode, we talked about exoplanets. Faraway constructs that offer possibilities to look at life through new lenses.


Extra-Terrestrial Scoop!

It’s an outer-space science hour on SYN! Exploring the far corners of the universe, and keeping you up to date with the last scientific discoveries and news, join Sura as she explains to you the un-explainable.



“Are you sure you can handle that thing?” “I’ve handled bigger” On 18 February 2021, the rover Perseverance (launched by NASA in […]


Brain device allows those with upper body paralysis to control computers

Human trials of the Stentrode, a small brain device inserted next to the motor cortex, has allowed patients with paralysis to use […]


NASA’s James Webb telescope to supersede Hubble telescope next year

Late in 2021, a new telescope built by NASA called the James Webb telescope will begin its journey in outer space. The […]


The “what” and “why” of seasonal fatigue

Do you start to feel tired when the seasons change? Do you feel sleepy when Spring hits? Wing Kuang spoke to the […]


Victorian mine to become powerhouse in dark matter research

Plans for the construction of an underground physics lab will make the former Stawell Mine in Victoria operational as the epicentre for […]


From art to science: how glassblowing is aiding construction of quantum sensors

Adelaide artist Karen Cunningham couldn’t have known her glassblowing technique would form a whole new material, capable of building quantum sensors which […]


That’s What I Call Science

From Edge Radio via the Community Radio Network: Spanning local, national and global topics, our team of women science and tech hosts bring […]