Scott Ash & Gracie


Monday: Throwing Snakes for Onions

On Monday’s Get Cereal, Gracie shared with us what one man did as a result of not recieving diced onions on his […]


Monday: Dog News! Final Edition

Scott from Monday’s Get Cereal informed Ash and Gracie about Dog Cloning & Dog Names in their final edition of Dog News […]


Interview: Romeo Moon

On Monday’s Get Cereal, Scott Ash & Gracie were joined in the studio by Kevin Orr from Romeo Moon.  Romeo Moon are […]


Interview: Montaigne

Scott, Ash & Gracie caught up with Montaigne – fresh from her debut tour with San Cisco – about life, singing in the shower, and […]


Monday: Sausage Sizzles

Scott, Ash & Gracie deal with the real political issues, such as the lack of polling booth sausage sizzzles on election day, and […]


Monday: The Mockingjay Experience

When it comes to seeing Mockingjay Part One, the odds are not in Gracie’s favour.


Monday: Bug Bites

When Scott awoke with bug bites this morning, surprisingly he was flattered to find out he’s delicious. 


Monday: Dacking

Ash never, ever, ever wants back dacking, ever.  Gracie agrees, but Scott is pro-dacking, and Producer Steph is a long term serial […]


Monday: Ripper Funeral Tunes

Death is not the end, it’s just a chance to crunk your corpse to your favourite tune. Let Scott Ash & Gracie […]


Monday: Dial-Up Internet

Use the amazing power of your broadband downloads and hear Ash condemn dial-up internet to never ever ever come back EVER!.