Scott Woodard


Get Cereal Playlist – 14.8.15

Rock DJ – Robbie Williams 1.    Midnight To Monaco – Suicide (INT SWEET 16) 2.    Big Scary – Organism 3.    Albert Salt […]


Arts IV – Monique Harvey

Bec and Scott chat to Monique Harvey about the upcoming Lorne Arts Festival. 


Music IV Brittany Leo

Bec and Scott chatted to brittany Leo about her upcoming EP release Undefeated, as well as her new single Starting Over. Away […]

What’s The Buzz

Contributor Darcy fills us in on all of the celeb gos as well as the breaking movie trailers this week.

Dean Hugland IV

Steph and Scott spoke to Dean Hugland about the upcoming Celebrity Theatre sports on the 25th July. 

Playlist Get Cereal Friday 24.7.15

1.    Last Dinosaurs – Apollo (AUS SWEET 16) 2.    Cln- Found 3.    Homeshake – Give It To Me (INT SWEET 16) 4. […]

Under The Spotlight

Producer Jack is under the spotlight today on GC Tuesdays. What home truths will be revealed?