Season 3 2022

The print of skidded tires in white, and the word UNLAPPED in block text


Pull up a passenger seat and buckle in for an hour of F1 discussion and dissection with SYN’s resident rev-heads, Becs and Indi.

Season 3 Radio Grid (80 × 40 cm)

Season 3 Radio Schedule

Tune into the next 11 weeks of SYN’s dynamic and diverse radio programming.



Have you ever found yourself in the depths of the internet archives? An online abyss of meme-ery? A search history of the unexplainable? Well now you’ve found yourself in the airwaves of… things and stuff.

Sincerely, Us

Sincerely, Us

Sit down with Thirumugal, Anaya and Avani as they nosedive into the nostalgia of reading letters written to and by their past selves.

Wicked Messenger

Join Lincoln and Imogen as they share the wonderous technique of story-telling across multiple genres, styles, and years of music and poetry.

D 3

Boogie Nights

Have a non-stop boog every Friday night from 8-10pm as Dom Apolloni spins the best disco, funk and soul classics from the 70s and 80s. DJ Dom may make an appearance as well…

Button Pushers

Who’s gonna push whose button first? Henry and Eddie, two friends, will be challenging each other to the niche and not quite rights of the world as they attempt to push each other’s buttons.


Joined by a headlining special guest each week, Nick introduces and recommends up and coming talents in the arts.

Under The Shelter

This show is all about exposing Naarm/Melbourne’s undiscovered RNB and hip hop talent. Tune in to David each week as he recommends the next up and comers.

Take Two: A Pop Culture Special

Two friends who are obsessed with pop culture express their opinions that no one asked for. Hannah and Nick look at the best and worst of internet trends, arts, and events.