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Want to get involved in the music and festival industry without picking up an instrument? freestival is a live-to-air show on SYN, run […]

Labs Online: TV & Screen Pitch Party

Our March Content Lab was an introduction to the 2018 TV & Screen Department. It was presented with TV & Screen Manager’s Rachael […]

Labs Online: Seasonal Pitch Party #1

We tried something a little different with our March Content Lab and hosted SYN’s first (but definitely not last) Seasonal Pitch Party. As […]


Fringe Benefits

Our goal is to showcase music that we feel deserves more recognition, and to support young artists on the verge of breaking […]


Amateur Hour

What happens when you’re the new kids on the block??… You want to be bright eyed, bushy tailed people, who want to […]


Stroll Out 002 15/10/14

This week on Stroll Out focused on a big week of summer festival announcements, particularly Sugar Mountain and Golden Plains. Discussed live […]


Stroll Out

A midweek look forwards and backwards at Melbourne Music. A focus on recent local releases, gigs around town and international visitors.

Donna Williams Interview- Full

A full version of Casey and Julia’s interview with Donna Williams, as featured in the 19th of July episode.  Donna talks about […]

Current Seasonal

Seasonal Programs These shows on SYN are fleeting. They’re only around for a season or two – around three to six months […]