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The Great Metal Standoff – Frogstomp vs ‘VS’

MOSHPIT B-SIDE PODCAST ‘The Great Metal Standoff’, listen to every episode here: How did Silverchair, three 15 year old’s from Newcastle, Australia, make […]

10 Albums in 10 Days: Day 2

NEON BALLROOM, SILVERCHAIR, 1999 CW: This article discusses anorexia. I’m sure anyone who knows me won’t be shocked I have chosen to […]

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The Great Metal Standoff

Welcome to the podcast that celebrates the best of Heavy Metal and all things Rock n Roll. Tune in to Jason Evans […]


Ep #11 – Sam’s Top 10 Aussie Bands

On this weeks show Sam count’s down his Top 10 Aussie Bands. Rockology airs every Saturday from 5pm AEST. Don’t miss a […]