Monday: The Down Low On The Brownlow: Part 2

Steph, Ash & Justin from Monday Get Cereal continue chatting about the Brownlow, giving their tips on who they think will win, who they think will miss out, […]


Interview – Kings In Exile

Steph, Ash and Justin from Monday Get Cereal spoke to the team behind Nice Productions latest controversial show, King In Exile.  Stars […]


Monday: Disney Head-to-Head – Frozen VS The Lion King

Its Grand Final week for the AFL, and also for Disney Head-to-Head.  Ash, along with Steph and Justin, attempt to end the […]


Interview – Eliza Hull

Steph, Ash and Iz were joined in the studio by the lovely Eliza Hull to talk about her new single Caught and her […]


Monday: Is Video Gaming A Sport?

Steph, Ash and Iz talked all things sport this week, including the interesting movement calling for video games to be recognised as […]


Monday: Pianolas

This week Steph takes Ash and Iz back to 1924; the peak of popularity for the humble pianola, and convinces the girls […]