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Loud & Queer: Too much subtext, not enough text

Elizabeth and Laura continue their discussion from last week about their frustrations with queer media representation.


TYTF Podcast 11 – Jacky Gilmore

Australian pro golfer, Jack ‘Pineapple’ Wilson, is challenging the stereotypical golfer look with his John Butler dreads & beard. He joins Zach […]

Culture Pop

Listen in every week at 3pm Saturdays as we discuss and ‘pop’ cultural stereotypes in popular culture. Got any questions about culture, […]

Great Minds Don’t Think Alike – show 28/2/2015

Callan and Christian rip through some of the most hated and some of the most beloved stereotypes associated with neurodiversity.

Swinburne on SYN 5 August 2014 – crazy fans

Brooke, Emily and Steve having a chat about crazy fans, angry celebrities and stereotypes.


PODCAST: Witching Hour Busts Myths!

What kind of misconceptions and presumptions are out there about witches, witchcraft and religions like Wicca? Cordelia quizzes Brodie and we open […]