Summer Season 2021/22

Welcome to Melbourne, Australia

Telling people who are new to Melbourne about the wonders that they can find, including sick food, coupons and most importantly how to be supported by the many organisations that are available throughout the city.

A drawing of an orange sun wearing red, heart-shaped sunglasses. Behind the sun reads "SUNSET ECLECTIC" in wide, bold font.

Sunset Eclectic

Back to save summer, Jake Stevens takes over SYN’s coveted late night hours with an eclectic mix of new releases, classic alternative tracks, brooding instrumentals and genre-defining hidden gems.

The words 'TAKEBACK TASTEMAKER' on a pink background

Takeback tastemaker

A chaotic explosion of music, sounds, and inspiration based off the monthly playlists that I create, and a reflection of my year in music.

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Adulting License

Want to know how to get over an ex? Need advice on how to balance all the things you have going on in your life? Welcome to Adulting License!



Your new soundtrack for sizzling summer nights, mixing up a cocktail of euphoric tracks as the sun goes down.


Behind the Scene

An informative music history show that examines a different music scene each week, exploring how it formed, how it developed and how it died, with a focus on music outside of the Anglosphere.


Cold Hands, Warm Heart

Join our host Lily Anna, now on the verge of adulthood as she reflects on her adolescence through the poems, lyrics and musings written throughout her younger years.

Let Me Explain

The creative, niche, and outright bizarre stories from the media we love. With a whole range of wonderfully bizarre stories, can we explain the crazy, weird ideas both ourselves and others have?

The LOL Show

The LOL Show chats about the hottest new comedies from across the world, speak with comedians about their craft, and give advice for people wanting to make it in the industry.