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Depression and Anxiety Radio Forum

On Geoff in the Afternoon, Geoff Tawil explores the issues of ‘depression, anxiety and teenagers’ and how to approach a teen who […]

Swinburne On SYN 09 August – David & Nikki asked the question: What’s wrong Rio?

Although there was beautiful openeing ceromony to kick off the Rio Olympic Games there was a lot of mishaps occuring behind the […]

Swinburne on SYN 02 August 2016 Nikki and Monette discuss Obama at Lollapalooza

Malia Obama got caught flashing her derriere on stage at the Lollapalooza Music Festival in Chicago. Nikki and Monette discuss times they’ve […]


Swinburne on SYN – Aimee Craig – Click bait! August 25

Aimee Craig discusses click bait and some of the best click bait titles she’s seen!

Swinburne on SYN – Aimee and Josh discuss parents and social media – August 4

Is it weird or normal that parents have facebook/twitter/snapchat? Aimee and Josh discuss. 


Swinburne on SYN – Josh & Marjorie – Rapper or American Congressman? – August 11

Rappers’ birth names are quite different from their stage names, so Marjorie called out a bunch of names for Josh to answer, […]


Swinburne on SYN – Aimee and Dalmar, August highlights!

Aimee and Dalmar discuss some of the ‘International Days’ of signicifance to be celebrated during August! 


Swinburne on SYN – Things That People Just Shouldn’t Do – August 5

Michelle, Marjorie and Dean discuss a few things that people shouldn’t be doing.


Swinburne on SYN – Marjorie, Michelle, Dean – Inventions We’re Expected To See in the Future! – August 5

Marjorie, Michelle and Dean talk about flying vehicles, the suncreen pill and amazing technology for cancer patients 


Swinburne on SYN – Aimee and Josh, pop culture quiz – August 4

Aimee, the pop culture fantatic, quizzes Josh on all things Hollywood.