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¡El rincón español! – The Spanish Corner

Bienvenidos a todos al ricón español, welcome everybody to The Spanish Corner! We are your hosts, Angie and Chris. Angie is from […]

The Sound of SYN Radio is Changing!

The SYN Radio Team is very excited to announce an awesome change coming to our radio department! For the past three years, […]

Cane Toad Meme

Brace Yourselves, Cane Toads are Coming

Its time to brace for impact in Fitzroy Crossing (WA) as Cane Toads are on their way. Dylan had a chat with […]

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A weekly in-depth look at different artists and their musical evolution.

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Can You Dig It: Summer Edition – Beyoncé v Solange

In the second episode of Can YouDig It: Summer Edition, we take a look at Beyoncé’s Lemonade and Solange’s A Seat At […]

The Kitchen's 4th Annual Pool Party

The Kitchen’s 4th Annual Pool Party – Live from Adam’s Backyard!

It’s summer, so naturally the team from The Kitchen put on a pool party! It’s the fourth time that the Fremantle-based radio show […]

Represent-Euthanasia & Sex Discrimination

Last Saturday, Represent took a close look at Victorian Government’s Bill to legalise assisted dying in the state and gender discrimination in the workplace. […]

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Reason Rising

Reason Rising is about celebrating the most important achievements of our species, with reference to the mental mechanics that have made such […]

made in melbourne

Made In Melbourne

Join Kyra and Andrew as they discuss the latest news, current affairs, events and other happenings in Melbourne; all while playing some sweet […]


INFH Podcast + Playlist – The Grand Finale

It’s the last live INFH, and man it was loose. Josh is joined by WA correspondent/little brother Scott, live via Skype for […]