Take That

SYN Podcasts on iTunes

We’ve started adding some SYN shows to iTunes and are adding more each week, click the links below to find a SYN […]


Take That: Episode 1

This week on the show, Phoebe, Ben & Jess were back with so many surprises! An extra hour meant more laughing at […]


Episode 9: Health & Fitness (kinda)

This week on the show Phoebe, Ben & Jess talk health & fitness, or at least try to. They get a little […]


Episode 7: Childhood 03/06/15

This week on the show Phoebe, Ben & Jess talk childhood particularly Jess’ childhood and her claim to fame. Also listen out […]


Playlist: 13/5/15

Dissolve by Absofacto  Salters by Daktyl  Still Don’t Understand by Spire  Through the Roof by Hermitude  Talk Talk by Tails, Taku and […]


Playlist: 6/5/15

Your Sister – Going Swimming Washed Away – Good Riddance iou – METZ Shaolin Monk Motherfunk – Hiatus Kaiyote Assassin (ft. Amanda […]


Episode 4: Jobs 13/05/15

Jobs are hard to get and even harder to keep!  Phoebe, Ben & Jess tackled the challenge of job, and the experiences […]


Episode 3: Adulthood 06/05/15

How do you know when you are officially an adult? Are we too old to do things we used to love? Phoebe, […]


Playlist 29/4/15

Ellie – Eastside The Seagull – Hot Sugar 2 ON – Tinashe Dance in Space – Abelard Do I Wanna Know? – […]


Episode 2: Dating 29/4/15

We get glammed up, go to a place that isn’t our own, and try and talk to people that we like and […]