Get Cereal Podcast (Friday 16th December)

Here is the Final Friday edition of  Get Cereal for 2016 hosted by Sam & Gill. (aired on the 16/12/16) In this […]


Get Cereal Podcast (Friday 9th December)

Here is the Friday edition of Get Cereal hosted by Sam & Gill. (aired on the 9/12/16) In this Podcast: Christmas Traditions, […]


Get Cereal Podcast (Friday 2nd December)

Here is the Friday edition of  Get Cereal hosted by Sam & Gill. (aired on the 2/12/16) In this Podcast: Dating Advice, […]


Mission Impossible 5 Overrated? Review

Chris and James discuss the latest Mission Impossible film Rogue Nation aswell as the series so far.


Banter Episode 2 – Dreams

Checkout the full podcast of our second episode (or as what we like to consider our first episode, as the actual first […]


Naming Wood, Bricks and Other Things

The second episode (July 20, 2015) of ‘Banter.’ started off with some cheeky little bit of banter about being employed as someone […]


Banter 2: Electric Boogaloo

Join us for our second season of ‘banter.’ every Thursday from 4-6pm to hear two comedic minds (and sometimes guests) talk about […]


The Dump Button w/Tom & Laney

Outrageous, funny, and unpredictable are the sort of adjectives Tom & Laney want listeners to use when describing their new show, The […]