The Graduates


Thursday: Rantin’ and Raving – Black Cats and Entry Level Job Experience

Justin, Claire and Steph from the Thursday team are Rantin’ and Raving again! Today Steph reveals her views on black cats, and Justin joins in […]


The Graduates #8 Networking

How do you network? Should you use LinkedIn? What’s a professional organisation or union for? Why does it all sound so scary? […]


The Graduates #3 Interviews Part 1

How do you prepare for interviews? How honest should you be? What do you do when it all goes horribly wrong? Join […]


Job seeker of the week: Cassie

Sally, Daisy and Emma chat to Cassie, Events Manager at SYN, about starting her career in the media. After studying a Bachelor […]


The Graduates #2: Cover letters & key selection criteria. Woo!

What makes a sexy cover letter? Or at least one that won’t end up in the bin rather than the interview pile? […]


The Graduates #1: Resumes vs. CVs

Sally, Daisy and Emma kicked off their job hunting adventure with the question: ‘What is even the difference between a resume and […]


The Graduates

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