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This Week On The Shortlist: Meet Machine Age; one of Brisbane’s most exciting artists

Even if you don’t know his name, you’ve definitely heard a record he has worked on. Adrian Mauro, the face behind Machine Age, has had […]

belle haven

This Week On The Shortlist: Meet Belle Haven; honest, raw and moving forward

We can all take a lesson out of Belle Haven‘s book when it comes to rising from hardship. They’ve been through the ringer […]


This Week On The Shortlist: Northern Territory four piece Kardajala Kirridarra

On the first day of National Reconciliation Week, Gloria and Ro were joined by Eleanor Dixon, vocalist and songwriter of Indigenous four […]


This Week On The Shortlist: Melbourne keyboardist, composer and band leader, Billy Davis

Joining Gloria on The Shortlist, Will Rimmington — better known as Billy Davis — let us into the inner workings of his project […]


This Week On The Shortlist: Meet Pumarosa, melding art and music

On this edition of The Shortlist, we touch base with hype-worthy London collective, Pumarosa. The band embrace their art in all it’s […]


This Week On The Shortlist: Canberra emcee Kirklandd

Joining The Shortlist whilst down in Melbourne for the week, Kirklandd gave an insight into his upcoming EP and explained what it’s like […]

Empire Park

This Week On The Shortlist: Meet Empire Park

On this instalment, the Shortlist gals invite Jack and Harrison of Melbourne-via-Tasmania indie rock band Empire Park into the studio. We talk making the […]


This Week On The Shortlist: Seattle trio Dude York

In this episode, The Shortlist gets familiar with US indie punk rockers Dude York. They’ve been kicking around for a couple of years now […]


This Week On The Shortlist: Sydney-via-New Zealand wonder Wallace

One half of the Shortlist gang Gloria had a chat with Sydney-via-New Zealand neo-soul superstar Wallace. In this instalment we find out why Wally chose Sydney, […]


This Week On The Shortlist: Canberra’s own Moaning Lisa

Header photo by Jannice Bannks. All other images by Ro Flack.  Resident shortlister Ro had a very lovely Skype chat with Ellen, Hayley, […]