The Study Break


The Study Break: August 13th

Lucy and Luke talk about personal gold medals, times when help is disguised as a ‘fun activity’, as well as when people […]


The Study Break: July 16th

After the huge lead up, Lucy and Luke finally discuss how their school formal’s went as well as sleep patterns, their first […]


The Study Break: July 9th

Lucy and Luke talk about the preparation for looking good for the new school term, misunderstood tones over messaging and times you’ve used […]


The Study Break: July 2nd

Lucy and Luke give you all the details on how their excursion to Savers went, as well as discuss holiday downfalls and […]


The Study Break: June 25th

Lucy and Luke talk parental social networking, things that have ruined your holidays as well as times you’ve been put off your […]


The Study Break: June 18th

Lucy and Luke talk all things expectations as well as put on their educational caps to share with you all the tips […]


The Study Break: June 11th

Lucy and Luke talk times when you’ve been put behind because of other people, ways people may cheat, awkward conversations and those things you […]


The Study Break: June 4th

Lucy and Luke talk about things they didn’t expect to be grateful for, disgusting distractions, update you on their formal progress as […]


The Study Break: May 28th

Lucy and Luke talk times when you may have needed technology to fail you, how people can be low-key competitive at school […]


The Study Break: May 21st

Lucy and Luke talk about preparing for your first babysitting job, begin planning their study break excursion as well as are joined […]