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Review: Trainspotting Live

Danny Boyle’s Trainspotting is a one of a kind movie; back when it was released it was different, new and explosive, something […]


Review: Lifetime Guarantee

Lifetime Guarantee is a new theatre production written by Ross Mueller. It follows the lives of a group of people living in […]


Interview: Charles Purcell

Finley chats to actor Charles Purcell from the cast of Theatre Works’ production of Ross Mueller’s play, Lifetime Guarantee, about the politics of putting […]


Review: Dangerous Liaisons – Little Ones Theatre x Theatre Works

Dangerous Liaisons by Little Ones theatre is a theatrical adaption of Pierre Chodelos De Laclos novel. The story takes place in France […]


Review: The Mill on the Floss – Optic Nerve x Theatre Works

Mill on the Floss is a theatrical adaptation by Optic Nerve of the 1860 novel of the same name written by Mary […]


Interview: Georgia Moore – The Addams Family

*Note to listeners: the phone audio quality is a bit scratchy Hosts Christian and Jonathan were joined on the line with GEORGIA MOORE from […]


Interview: Daniel Tobias ‘The Orchid and The Crow’

DANIEL TOBIAS, Green Room Award winner for Best Writing earlier this year, join hosts Ben and Jonathan to discuss his nationally acclaimed […]


Interview: Shari Sebbens

Christian had the opportunity to speak with actress Shari Sebbens about her involvement in Bright World, which will be performed at Theatre Works, 14 […]


Review: Bright World

Earlier this week, Art Smitten’s theatre reporter Ebony Beaton saw Bright World by the Arthur Theatre company. The review was read aloud on […]