Hoist Hot Hits vol. 3

We may be in isolation, but that doesn’t mean that we have stopped spinning hot local music on the airwaves! Tune in from […]


THE HOIST: The Ruiins with Abbey + Becs 05.04.2016

Abbey + Becs’ last interview for the season was a treat with Pat from The Ruiins joining us to #HYPE their single Eventually !  […]

THE HOIST: The Lulu Raes with Abbey + Becs 05.04.2016

Marcus from The Lulu Raes spoke with Abbey + Becs ahead of their single launch for “Infinite Paradise (Sail Away)”


THE HOIST: SAATSUMA with Abbey + Becs

The delightful Memphis from SAATSUMA spoke to Abbey + Becs last week ahead of their single launch of “STORM” at Shebeen lounge […]



Lucianblomkamp is a clasically trained electronic artist from Melbourne. Becs discussed his latest music news and gave “The Overman”, the first single […]


THE HOIST: Riley Pearce IV with Becs + Claire 22.03.15

“Outside The Lines” is the name of Riley Pearce’s EP and he had a chat with Becs and Claire on Tuesday all […]


THE HOIST: Mayfair Kytes IV with Becs + Claire 22.03.2016

Matt from Mayfair Kytes talked the philosphy behind their music and left us with a stunning live acoustic performance of “Felonious Rift” – […]


THE HOIST: Buchanan IV with Abbey + Becs 15-03-2016

Thank you very much to Josh from BUCHANAN for coming in for a chat on THE HOIST on Tuesday with Abbey + […]


THE HOIST: Medium Punch IV with Abbey + Becs 15-03-2016

MEDIUM PUNCH killed it in his first radio interview ! Abbey + Becs chatted with Jake about his single “NAKAMA” which you […]


THE HOIST: Sex on Toast IV with Abbey + Becs 08.03.2016

We were warned, but not complelety prepared for the eccentric energy emmited from Angus of SEX ON TOAST ! Abbey + Becs […]