Tom & Olly


Tom & Olly’s Spring Radio Carnival

Tom & Olly’s Spring Radio Carnival has it all – from the dizzying heights to embarrassing lows. The swagger, the suits, the […]


Olly’s Science Experiment

Olly has always pondered if the shuffle function on an iPod, actually shuffles the music. Tom & Olly decided to find out […]


Sexy Stocks

Tom decided to jazz up the stock market


Olly’s Awkward Scrabble Games

Olly’s been playing Scrabble with his family… But things got a little awkward.


Tom’s Started Swimming

Tom has decided to take up swimming. Olly’s a bit sceptical…


Tom & Olly’s Afternoon Breakfast Show

“Ah damn! My bloody shift work/being a student has made me sleep through my favourite part of the morning… Breakfast radio! If […]