Hoist Hot Hits v.49

Howdy partners! The Hoist is back yet again with another lovely playlist of local tracks! Tune in this week to hear Hoist Hot Hits […]

middle kids

Interview with Middle Kids – The Hoist

One of our lovely Thursday night co-hosts Anika chatted with Hannah from Sydney indie-rock band Middle Kids. They chatted about their new […]


Tuesday, March 29th

Luke and Lucy spice up your Tuesday arvo talking all things unwanted gifts, changes in social media and much more!


Tuesday, March 22nd

Join Kiana and Luke as they welcome back “News and News That Isn’t News”, discuss time’s they’ve felt strangely uncomfortable and more!  […]


Tuesday, March 15th

Join Kiana as she discusses how effectively feminism and sex-ed is taught in schools, the music youth listen to these days as […]


Tuesday, March 8th

Luke and Kiana share with you the struggles of your paella getting trapped, ‘splash’ in public toilets as well as their thoughts […]


Tuesday, February 23rd

Join Kiana and Luke as they discuss White Night Melbourne, Summer vs Winter, how to break the ice when it comes to […]


Tuesday, February 16th

Join Kiana and Luke as they review how their Valentines Day went as well as discuss tattoos and piercings and underage Tinder! 

Penny Stocks Interview

Georgina Sayer from the Band Penny Stocks had a chat with Claire, Amy and Maria from Get Cereal Tuesday about Penny Stocks […]


New & Approved

Here is Tuesday nights interview with Perth artist Amber Fresh , Rabbit Island www.facebook.com/rabbitislandperth Enjoy!