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Panorama Presents… the 2020 USA Presidential Election

Welcome to Panorama Presents… the 2020 USA Presidential Election. We rundown what happened on election night, Youssef Saudie investigates the Electoral College […]


Research Shows Celebrities That Tell Stories In Tweets Connect With Followers Better

In an age of social media influencers becoming the new celebrities, researchers have begun to deconstruct what it takes for influencers to […]


What’s Trending Week 5 Music Playlist

Hi everyone, a very exciting week for Twitter Trends in Australia with the Brit Awards and the Oscars taking top spot! But […]


Full Show | Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

Richard flies solo on this week’s show, discussing Twitter and marriage equality.


The Social: Episode I

We’re back!  And this time we’ve brought a new whole premise! We’ll be discussing the latest news and current affairs with our […]


Monday: Celebs – Who Would You Hang Out With?

Steph, Ash and Iz from Get Cereal Monday team talk about Nick Kyrgios‘ (tennis player) recent trip to a random Twitter follower’s […]


Leaning To The Left

Quality banter. IS that a thing? Well it is now. Zach and Will discuss various methods on how to become a well […]


Monday: CIA Twitter

Steph, Ash and Iz from the Monday Get Cereal chat about the CIA‘s not so secret Twitter account.


The Graduates #9 Social Media and Job Hunting

Social media can be hard to navigate at the best of times, but it’s extra difficult when you’re looking for a job. […]