Better Than Nothing Ep 2.

In this episode we applaud public flatulence, tell our darkest childhood secrets and Luke brings yet another language gripe to the show. 


Better Than Nothing Ep 1.

 We’re back! Lukes Harry Potter Quiz Weird soap guy Marty’s a thief Centrelink Hero


Utopia – Welcome to Utopia (Ep 12)

Intro The game saga We call Stefan Hollywood Masterchef Official MVP of Utopia Award Utopian reflection Welcome to Utopia


Utopia – Loose Ends (Ep 11)

Intro Post Bachelor Depression We chat with Ryan Shelton  Ryan Shelton’s Utopia Tying loose ends Bad driving In the news Last Call


Ryan Shelton Interview

TV/Radio personality, writer and comedian Ryan Shelton came to have a chat with us about his time at SYN, his experiences working […]


Utopia – Sport (Ep 9)

Intro Is it a sport? Obscure sports of Utopia World Exclusive Radio Quoits President of Utopia Last Call


Utopia – Music (Ep 8)

Intro Utopian National Anthem Melissa Ramsay Interview Guess the instrument Ft Melissa Kanye for president Last call


Utopia – Traditions/Fads (Ep 7)

Intro New years traditions Dad fads opener vote Dad fads Utopia’s Cheese rolling holiday Traditions court Last call


Utopia -Laws (Ep 6)

Intro If train catching was a sport The official game of Utopia Jack is back Is it a law Putting the fun […]


Utopia – Travel (Ep 5)

Intro Timetravel Martys Time machine Public Transport Teleportation Fads don’t come back Last call