Didirri Cover

Didirri – Blind You | Live on Get Cereal, SYN 90.7

DIDIRRI – LIVE ON GET CEREAL Recorded Friday, 19 May 2017   Last week we were treated to a stunning live performance […]

Zach & Charlie Cover

Hook-Ups & Job Interviews | Zach & Charlie

  Zach’s sister has had a shocking high school hook-up, but not as bad as Charlie’s interview at Ernst & Young – […]


INFH – Josh’s Pie Adventure

Every week, Josh and his WA correspondent Scott, pick something dumb (usually food related tbh) and see whether WA or Victoria do […]

Know Your SYN’s

A video series exploring SYN 90.7FM’s and SYN Nations flagship shows.


Website Tips – Uploading Content and Adding Posts

In the April Content Lab, we looked at adding posts to the SYN website and how to make posts great post. If […]


THE HOIST: The Outside Inn – Live in Studio with Holly + Becs

The Outside Inn crammed into our studio, dropping some super fresh beats off their upcoming EP “A Lot Can Change” Catch them […]


Mission Impossible 5 Overrated? Review

Chris and James discuss the latest Mission Impossible film Rogue Nation aswell as the series so far.


SYN meets Wolverine!

May 16 , 2014 Owen and Phoebe from SYN Media’s ‘Get Cereal’ radio team headed down to Melbourne’s X-Men: Days of Future […]

Rumours of Grand Rapids’ death have been greatly exaggerated

I’LL START┬áby being completely honest: I have no idea where Grand Rapids is. I know it’s in America, but I couldn’t tell […]

Editing with Windows Movie Maker

Taken from the SYN Vodcasting Workshop, this video demonstrates how to edit your video, add sound and titles and to export the […]