Weekly Highlight


Weekly Highlight – “It’s a mini car crash everytime” – Jono Talks

Everyone knows wrestling productions such as WWE are entertainment based, but you wouldn’t know just how much it can hurt sometimes.  Excerpt […]


The Sports Epilogue Weekly Highlight – Who will win the Brownlow of 2012?

Is Jobe Watson still entitled to be the 2012 Brownlow Medalist? We debate this proposition.


Weekly Highlight – December 17, 2015 – The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Jono Talks

Jono Talks – Weekly Highlight – December 17, 2015.  Excerpt from Jono Talks #2 – Matthew Horrigan: http://syn.org.au/jono-talks-2-matthew-horrigan.  Due to a SYN Media […]