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Q and A with Susan Alberti

Susan Alberti is one of the pioneers of the inaugural AFL Women’s League. As well as being┬áthe┬áVice President of the Western Bulldogs […]

Image via Collingwood Football Club

Live interview with Moana Hope

Moana Hope is already one of the stars of the inaugural AFL women’s league. After being the first woman to kick 100 […]


Media coverage of women’s sport

There’s a tradition in the Australian media to largely ignore women in the coverage of sport. But with the heart-stopping netball grand […]


What’s next for women’s sport?

Female sporting sides have always received less recognition than their male counterparts. But with the AFL women’s league starting in 2017, and […]


Is Women’s Sport Getting Left Behind?

Following the Matildas success in the World Cup in Calgary, a new light has been shone upon women’s sport – and found […]