Tailored Projects

Does your group have specific learning needs? Is your organisation looking to make a podcast series? Want a focused outcome for your training or project?

SYN has worked with numerous clients on delivering tailored programs/projects to community groups, educational insinuations or corporate organisations that are looking to create a specific project or training program for their students/employees.

Those participating in our tailored projects/programs do not need to be under the age of 26*

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This could include:

  • Tailoring access needs for your students or community group – to ensure they’re given ample time to process and engage with the training.
  • Producing a focused outcome, such as an ongoing podcast series or online screen project.
  • Working with your organisation to train staff on how to produce media, or upskill them to support their students in production.
  • Developing media learning resources for your organisation.

SYN delivers accessible, hands on media learning experiences. We are great at combining the learning experiences, with the production of content.

Contact Jas via [email protected] for a quote or call 03 9034 1989 (option 2) to discuss options.

An example of a project that included the combination of training and production with a specific outcome:

Regional Arts Victoria hosted the four day regional arts festival Artlands, in Bendigo Victoria. SYN spent two days training ten, year 10 students from Bendigo South East College. During the festival, the students acted as on the ground, audio producers, interviewed artists and participated in gathering festival coverage live. After three audio packages were produced and broadcast on local community radio station Phoenix FM and SYN Nation in Melbourne.

The media training was through practical hands on learning that resulted in produced audio content from the festival!

Read more and listen to the work, here @ Unleashing The Artlands Voice!



*Conditions: If you’re looking to create an ongoing specifically live to air radio program, the majority of the participants must be under 26.