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TAKAZ Week 10 Playlist


Hi All,
The full interview with Luis will be available soon!
Here is today’s playlist, we hope you enjoyed the tunes! Comment below if you have a song request for next week.

1. Dream Cave- Cloud Control …
2. Fishies- The Cat Empire
3. COOLBOY- Luis (From Lessons With Luis
4. Wake Up Diafrix
5. History Eraser- The Smith Street Band (Cover of the Courtney Barnett song)
6. Life Ain’t Gold- The Bennies
7. Get Off Your Ass and Jam- Funkadelic
8. A Love Devine- Saskwatch
9. Can’t Afford it All- Jakubi (Kygo remix)

Cat’s are Forever- Luis Brown, Race to the Race- Madeleine Tucker, All I Want For Christmas is You- Mariah Carey and Type 2 killabetes- Marsh Madness where also played throughout today’s episode. Tune in next week for our last episode, we will be chating with Collingwood great Jeff “Joffa” Corfe.

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