TAME IMPALA – The Forum, Friday, 21st May 2010

 Unfortunately we arrived at The Forum tonight a tad late due to work commitments, and were unable to catch Tame Impala’s fellow West Australian’s, The Silents (Sweet 16), who had been getting a good spin on SYN recently.
We did have perfect timing to catch Tame Impala though, and as we entered The Forum, it occurred to us that this was probably Tame Impala’s biggest ever headline gig, much different to the surroundings of Golden Plains, Meredith or even The Tote.
The band was also running a tad late, and we were able to make our way easily through the relaxed crowd, until we found ourselves about 25 metres back, dead centre in front.  All of a sudden the four lads took to the stage and the crowd erupted.
 Tame Impala began by teasing out some fuzz guitars, but then broke out in ‘Desire Be Desire Go’, which put the crowd in a very pleasant mood.  From here the band jam out on ‘Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind?’ from the new record ‘Innerspeaker’, which was fittingly released today and had punters in a frenzy at record stores earlier.
The sound tonight at The Forum is fantastic, with the warm tones of the snare and bass being replicated from the studio with great success.  Just as impressive (and psychedelic) as the sound tonight, are the synchronised images on Tame Impala’s backdrop.  One of colleagues informs me that a lot of these shots are of the Margaret River. Nevertheless, ‘Sundown Syndrome’ and ‘Lucidity’ give the audience a chance to enjoy these projections to their full effect.  MGMT fans in the U.S.of A. are certainly in for a treat.
Perhaps the highlight of the night comes when lead singer Kevin Parker warns the audience that the next 15 minutes will be full of psychedelic craziness.  With this, the band jump into ‘Jeremy’s Storm’, a track enjoyed by all.  The track begins to break down, and after a couple of subtle hints, drops into ‘Half Full Glass Of Wine’, which sends the crowd into raptures.
With the crowd feeling all giddy, Tame Impala run through ‘I Don’t Really Mind’.  After thanking everybody, they promptly leave the stage not to return for an encore.  At a set length of about an hour, this was a short, but very sweet, performance.
-Squiggles Moore