Tantrums – SYNapproved Artist for November

SYN is delighted to announce that Tantrums is our SYNapproved feature artist for November.
Tantrums will launch their new single Anomie at a SYNapproved presented showcase, Thursday 25th November 2010 at The Workers Club w/ Pets With Pets, Cleptoclectics, Crumbs, Worng DJs and Visuals from James Wright.

‘Anomie’ out soon through New Editions via newweirdaustralia.com
Like abstract symphonies sound-tracking an art school thriller film with the airy eeriness of The Virgin Suicides soundtrack, their heavy-hearted percussive electronica is stained with industrial drumming, reverb-soaked vocals and eerie synthesizers, all woven together with dark, hooky melodies. 
With the recent addition of a third (John Nguyen) and fourth member (James Campbell), these primal songs that were first performed as a two-piece have really hit their stride.
The live show is complemented by live-manipulated projections programmed by video artist and pixel extraordinaire, James Wright. 
Hope to see you at the Workers Club on 25 November, y’all!