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Tell Me Something Interesting Episode 1


In this week’s episode:

– Ender’s Game and what happens when an author you love is kind of a wanker (1.12)

– Why ISIS are frightened of the Kurdish Female Fighters (8.34)

– That unrelated ISIS skyscraper in South Melbourne (14.48)

– The bizarre CIA conspiracy that a former British Prime Minister was a Russian spy (19.22)

– A Wikipedia enthusiast who has edited over 47,000 articles – fixing just the same grammatical mistake (28.22)

– The Dutch nursing home for dementia sufferers, which is often compared to The Truman Show (35.35)

– Paleontologist William Buckland, who was the first person to write a full scientific description of a dinosaur fossil (it was also his goal to eat every animal in the animal kingdom) (42.00)


Destroyer – Chinatown
Let Her Go – Jagwar Ma
It’s a Shame About Ray – Lemonheads
Daffodils (feat. Kevin Parker) – Mark Ronson


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