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Tell Me Something Interesting Episode 2


In this week’s episode:

– Why that “I’m a crocodile standing tall” children’s song is bullshit (0.12)

– How someone’s displeasure with airplane nuts led to a case of “nutrage” and landed them in jail – instead of the flight’s destination (BURN!, 9.30)

– A popular game called “The Last Man” where Americans try to be the last person to find out the winner of the Super Bowl (11.32) 

– The Nazis were dicks, but they were strangely progressive in one area – animal rights (16.06)

– Paul admits to still liking Linkin Park (25.54)

– Nick’s argument with a coworker who is convinced there are alien bases on the Moon – who is wrong? (26.27)

– What is the Atlantean Conspiracy and how are 42 out of 43 U.S. presidents the direct descendants of just one person? (37.54)

– The bizarre Kentucky Meat Shower, where on a farm in 1876, mysterious bits of meat started falling from the sky (42.05)





February 24th 2015
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