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Tell Me Something Interesting Episode 4


In this week’s episode:

– The incredible incident where a group of chimpanzees were sent to live with another group of chimpanzees and learned their language – but were they using Google Translate? (0.14)

– Did The Beatles’ Paul McCartney die in 1966? No, but a lot of people believed in this conspiracy – pointing to hidden clues in their music (plus backmasking in Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven) (7.40)

– We play the infamous ‘Bloop’ and other mysterious sounds that underwater microphones have recorded. Were the sounds coming from underwater sea aliens? Or was Aquaman ordering a pizza? (16.18)

– Was a United States government agency caught trying to fuel political change in Cuba through Latin hip hop? ¡Ay, Ay, Ay, no es bueno! (24.08)

– We discuss the best headline of the week – “Mad chicken woman sells round egg” (32.21)


March 21st 2015
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