The 2010 election could be this year’s most disappointing multiple choice

By Emma Buckley Lennox

The best thing about multiple choice is that there are only four options.
Usually one is just plain wrong, one is very far fetched and the other two are to err and ahhuumm between if you don’t already know the answer.
For example:
If you mix 1 part red paint and 1 part yellow paint together, what colour would you get?

a) Green
b) Polenta
c) Orange
d) Peach

Orange is the answer, polenta is edible. They’re usually fairly straight forward, unlike what you will be choosing at this years soon-to-be-announced federal election.

Who will you vote for in the House of Representatives?

a) Generic Labor Party candidate (C’mon, remember K07?! We’ve got so many more acronyms to fulfil! NHHN, NBN, RSPT, ETS*, BER)
b) Generic Liberal Party candidate (Work Choices is dead, I swear. I pinky promise. Cross my heart hope to die and deliberate between core and non-core promises in front of your eyes!)
c) Greens Candidate (Are you a disheartened Labor voter? Do you feel your western lifestyle can’t be justified unless your government looks after refugees and mandates backyard wind turbines to replace the ol’ hills hoist?)
d) Independent or Socialist Alliance or Pauline Hanson’s protege (Why not mix it up a little?)

Who will you vote for in the Senate?

a) The Sex party
b) The Guns party
c) The Fish and Chip party (tartare sauce now included!)
d) The Southern Cross Tattoo party
e) The Murray-Darling Basin party
f) The Scientology Party (now with extra gambling machines and cult lifestyle, just to tick off Xenaphon)
g) The That’s what Steve Fielding said party
h) The ‘In my day’ party
i) I think you get my point party

It barely matters which way you vote, especially in the lower house, it’s a bit same, same and not that different. The question is really about trust.
Do you trust the Greens to have the balance of power?
Do you trust Labor to fulfill promises and do something meaningful?
Do you trust Tony Abbott to run the country?

The problem is most of generation Y don’t give a donkey. Many people I know aren’t enrolled to vote and don’t care.

If you aren’t enrolled, why?
If you know who you’re going to vote for, do you know why?

To me it seems like a multiple choice with no right answer because in the end they all mean roughly the same thing.

*probably not til 2013, we don’t have the balls to call a double disillusion.

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