The Barefoot Investor invests in SYN

Scott Pape, also known as the Barefoot Investor, cut his media-making teeth at SYN in 2003 doing his own Sunday afternoon radio show. He’s now forged a hugely successful career as a financial adviser, writer and broadcaster.
To show his gratitude, Scott has invested $1000 in the future of SYN, where he got his start in broadcasting.
Big thanks to Scott for his Giving and Loving!

Scott has donated $1000 to SYN, and SYN General Manager Georgia Webster said that “Scott’s contribution is an investment that will pay huge social dividends as SYN radio, TV and online media gives a voice to 12-25 year olds whose perspectives wouldn’t be heard anywhere else.”
SYN recently turned 10 years old, and we’re appealing to our community for donations to maintain a healthy voice for young people in Melbourne’s media for another ten years.
We’re asking our ex-volunteers and friends to show their Giving and Loving by pledging donations to this youth-run station. Donations will go towards strengthening the training and broadcast opportunities that SYN gives to all young people.
Scott is an excellent example of the contribution that SYN has made to the Australian media landscape and to giving young people’s voices and expertise the airtime it deserves.
SYN gratefully accepts all donations from its alumni, fans, and supporters. It’s all about the Giving and Loving!

November 3rd 2010
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