The benefits of being part of SYN

A survey conducted by the Swinburne Institute for Social Research into the participation of young people at SYN Media has found 97% of people would recommend SYN to others.

Conducted in June, the survey found the benefits of SYN participation are numerous and widespread, and that SYN provides young people with work experience that, for a significant number, leads to employment in the highly competitive media labour market.

Some of the benefits listed by respondents included:

  • Over a quarter of all former SYN volunteers have gone on to work in the media industry, with many working as producers and journalists, demonstrating that SYN provides a real pathway into media careers;
  • The vast majority of those currently working in the media industries reported that SYN helped them to gain work, providing both skills and experience employers recognised;
  • 84% of survey respondents list SYN experience on their curriculum vitae;
  • 64% rated their SYN experience as either “useful” or “very useful” in gaining paid work.

The research study also highlighted SYN’s commitment to provide personal and professional development opportunities, resulting in young people developing industry standard communication skills, establishing networks and building leadership qualities:

  • 68% of survey respondents stated they were “better now than before SYN” when it came to networking with individuals and organisations;
  • 68% say their digital media abilities are better as a result of SYN, and;
  • 53% say they are better at training others.

The survey was commissioned by SYN Media and conducted by Swinburne Institute of Social Research Associate Professor, Ellie Rennie, who says the results demonstrate the impact SYN has on young people.

“The survey results show that SYN is achieving impressive results for young people, particularly in relation to increased work opportunity in the media industries, but also other life skills,” says Rennie.

SYN General Manager Tahlia Azaria says the results reinforce the community service that SYN provides.

“This survey shows just how important community media and youth-led initiatives are. Aside from providing the opportunity to actually make media, SYN is supporting young people to achieve a range of professional and personal development outcomes which is helping them pursue their interests and forge successful careers,” says Azaria.

A summary report of the survey can be downloaded here.

October 21st 2013
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