The wait for one of 2010’s most exciting albums is finally over with Midnight Juggernauts finally releasing The Crystal Axis.
The Crystal Axis had its genesis in early 2009 when Midnight Juggernauts wired themselves into a house on a remote stretch of coastal New South Wales. Emerging with a collection of songs ripe for recording at Melbourne’s Sing Sing studios, the band again opted to self-produce with engineer Chris Moore (TV on the Radio, Yeasayer, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Liars) facilitating.
Featuring the singles ’Vital Signs’ and ’This New Technology’, The Crystal Axis is a 50-minute symphony of synth-rock invention. Released with a limited edition, seven track bonus disc, it provides the follow up to the trio’s successful debut album, Dystopia, which established them with audiences across the globe. 
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