The Day With The Fake Band Names

Firstly, I was planning on doing a video blog post for this and was totally excited about it until I sat down to do it and the only thing you could hear was The Voice blaring in the background. Damn you The Voice.  Anyway, back to how I found SYN. Well I was so eager to start my work experience I arrived in the city at 11 o’clock. Yes 2 hours early. Although this spare time was quickly filled up with shopping (gotta love the city) I couldn’t stand the wait.  When I got to SYN it was so cosy, so cute. I was already getting a vibe that it was a really cool place, and that was confirmed when I saw there was a dance square in the middle of the office…A DANCE SQUARE. This was me inside – After being introduced to everyone and everything, we were whisked away to do some of the mandatory legal stuff. To be honest I never knew media laws were so strict! I think it would be hard to restrict yourself from saying certain things. Then it was time to create short radio programs – fake ones – for students to listen to and criticise. I must say it’s not how I expected my first radio program to be like. We crumpled papers, clicked pens, spoke away from the mike, and used fake band names. The Pomegranates make good music. Following a lovely break at Melbourne Central (thank god for the loose change menu at Macca’s) I signed up for this very blog I’m posting too. It was the start of this relationship :’)To finish up the day we observed the U18’s show objection, live to air! The things they spoke about.. I found it hard not to laugh. Will mullets come back and infect the population? Will Apple invent the iBed?  It also made me think of what I could do with a program like that. So that was pretty much the first installment of this week. Definitely looking forward to the rest of my time!


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