The Death Rattles: April SYN Approved Artist

A death rattle is usually a phenomenon experienced by those who are not long for this world.  In this case not so!  Get ready to resist the reins of the reaper, and get on down with the April SYN Approved artist: The Death Rattles.
An eclectic act, The Death Rattles were born on the backroads of blues, country noir and bluegrass.  Meandering into town on a lonely desert highway, the Melbourne five-piece present a bitter sweet sound; one of murder ballads, stories of lost souls and unrequited love.
Encompassing the diverse musical tastes of all of its members, The Death Rattles is a collective project meshing anything from the delta blues and swamp rock through to hardcore and metal. It makes for some  unusual, perplexing and remarkable sounds.
Following on from their debut EP ‘Tales of Dogs and Men’, The Death Rattles latest offering is a 7″ Double A-Side: ‘Born Wolf / In The Morning’.  It comes in anticipation of their upcoming 12″ album.
Lurking somewhere on the road to nowhere, the haunted guitars, train tracking drums and bass and crooning vocals will have you stomping the underworld into submission in no time!
The Death Rattles will be supported by The Magic Bones and the Merri Creek Pickers.
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What is SYN Approved?
The SYN Approved Series is a monthly initiative that highlights new and upcoming Australian artists. In addition to playing a SYN Approved Gig, the artist is interviewed on SYN’s radio program, The Hoist, and SYN TV’s Channel 31 program 1700, as well as being promoted through social media.
Previous SYN Approved artists include: Baptism of Uzi, Tessa and the Typecast, Collarbones, Oscar + Martin, KINS, Electric Sea Spider, Rat Vs Possum, Eagle and the Worm, T A N T R U M S, Alpine, The Townhouses and ScotDrakula.
Event – SYN Approved Presents: The Death Rattles
Supports – The Magic Bones, Merri Creek Pickers
Date – Sunday April 29th, 8pm    
Venue – The Workers Club
Address – 51 Brunswick St, Fitzroy
Entry – $5

April 13th 2012
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