The Fauves – Japanese Engines

The Fauves certainly have left a stamp on Australiaʼs music scene over the past 23 years since their formation in Melbourne. The term ‘fauve’ itself is defined as a group of french artists from the 20th century whose works differed from others at the time. Their paintings were filled with bright colors and impressionistic images; something The Fauves have upheld in their new album, Japanese Engines. The latest of 10 albums and 5 EPs by this
ARIA-award nominated group is more of a pop record compared to their other releases, however it still maintains the same unique quality as in the past, defining The Fauves as one of Australiaʼs greatest, long-running indie bands.

The whole album is woven together with melodic guitar riffs, which have a captivating energy through upbeat songs “Ride On Woman” and “Lost My Page” and contrast the mood in slower songs “Write Yourself Off Today” and “No No No”. Progressing through the album, the arrangement of songs seems to tell stories of love, hope and despair; emotions and themes which couldnʼt be presented to the same perfection as this, if done by other indie pop-rock bands. The passion throughout the whole release feels like the first-hand experiences of these four men.

The vocals by Andrew Cox tie together the seamless progression of songs with his raw emotion. The energy throughout the whole album is notable, mostly because of Andrewʼs commitment to each song and the themes and emotions which accompany it. The bass line also has an impeccable grace to it, providing a smooth base behind the rest of The Fauvesʼ magic.

This album is creative, emotive and certainly just one example of The Fauvesʼ excellent work. The combination of ringing guitar melodies, harmonic bass line, stirring lyrics and rhythmic drumming has created a unique new release from one of Australiaʼs longest running indie bands. The Fauvesʼ next album German Engines is to be released next year and is expected to be as excellent as its latest counterpart.

by Kellie Macnaughtan

December 5th 2011
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