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Oh yes. It’s taken waay too long. But here we are. Happy reading…

Hey folks!

If you’re wondering what I’ve been prattling on about for the last few weeks, here’s a cheeky info wrap up of shows 1-4. Hopefully these blogs will be week to week from now on, but here is some sweet content for your eyes, rather than ears.


This week I mentioned the cool Tarja Halonen, the first female Head of State of Finland. She did some super cool things, was a massive champion of LGBT rights and equality and feminism and all the stuff we like here on Just a Grrl. Here is her little spiel from the UN:


And here is proof that Forbes named her as one of their most powerful women:


Worth a read. Great lady.

If you were wondering about the progression of Sugababes, never fear, I’ve got your back! Have a looksee at Wikipedia here:


And to find out what the Originals are up to check this out:


Also if you’re keen to find out some more on Lisa Left Eye, the documentary The Last Days of Left Eye is worth a look.



Show three was all about the Spice Girls, and I spoke a lot about them on the show. For anyone that missed it, Key Spice Facts are as follows:

  • 08/07/1996: Wannabe is released. Lovers are instructed to get with friends, in a confusing turn of events for all
  • 04/11/1996: debut album Spice is released
  • 13/02/1997: Wannabe becomes the first British female debut to go to number one on the Billboard charts
  • 24/02/1997: Ginger revealed her Union Jack dress at the BRIT awards, as Wannabe won best single and Say You’ll be there best video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ro0FW9Qt-4
  • 05/1997: Spice goes to number one on the Billboard charts, the first British debut to go to number one
  • 11/1997: Second album Spiceworld goes to number one on the billboard charts, making the Spice Girls the first British act to have two albums in the chart at the same time.
  • 26/12/1997: Spiceworld: The Movie is released and makes 6.8 million pounds in its opening week.



Show two highlighted 1993, 1994, and 1995. In 1993, there were some cool ladies kicking political goals: Kim Campbell was named the first female Prime Minister of Canada, and had this beautiful thing to say: “Canada is the homeland of equality, justice and tolerance.” In the United States, Janet Reno was named as the first female Attorney General. More about her here: http://www.biography.com/people/janet-reno-9455589#us-attorney-general

Sailor Moon also came to Australia, which I highly recommend checking out. It still stacks up.


That was a mammoth task, luckily there was no extra info with show 1! It was all about the music (man!). If you’re still here, thank you! Good work, you’ve earnt a cup of tea. I’ll catch you on Wednesday night at 8pm, where we will focus on 2002. 2003 and 2004. Until then…..*waving emoji*  


February 28th 2016
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