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Hoist Hot Hits V.53

Hey there! The Hoist is back yet again with another groovy playlist of local tracks! Tune in this week to hear Hoist Hot Hits Vol.53, a selection of our favourite new releases.

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Here’s what’s spinning this week:

Katz, Sophia Brown – Only You

Hp Boyz – M1

Lachie Gill – Belong

I Know Leopard – Day 2 Day

Noah Dillon – Losing Touch

Strict Face – Tasteflash

murmurmur – Alive

Matt Hsu’s Obscure Orchestra – Last Time That I Checc’d

Bob Weatherall, Halfway, William Barton – Bloodlines no.2

1300 – Smashmouth

Cosy – Buttons

Caroline & Claude – Stir The Pot

Cosmo’s Midnight – Titanic

Beddy Rays – Week on Repeat

King Stingray – Milkumana

Aodhan – Three Leaf Clover

Approachable Members of Your Local Community- Strong Enough

Cxloe – Soft Rock

Annie Hamilton – Exist

Haircare – Choir Boy

Zig Zag – I Care About You

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