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THE HOIST: Meet “Methyl Ethel”


Their track “Twilight Driving” has been stuck in our heads for months and we wanted to showcase more of their work ! Acquinate yourself with METHYL ETHEL, the latest musical venture of Jake Webb.

Researching this act was interesting, I had to dig deep into the web to find about this mysterious act. Methyl Ethel are the latest musical venture of Jake Webb. The performers of the band record on rotational basis of some of Perth’s described “indie illuminati” – SO yes, yet again another act of Perth. We played Mosquito Coast earlier, also from the west.  Their performance style is “an audio-visual journey into pop experimentalism” This song to me, just oozes Australiana. Their is a tone to it most similar to Julia Stone of Angus and Julia Stone.

This track reminds me of a rural bush setting, a hot summer night and driving around aimlessly with a friend or perhaps a lover as the song is ambiguous all rolled into one.  It makes for a great road trip song. Their is a bewitching quality about this track, I was instantly drawn in by the command of the vocalist – rolling into a pscyh-rock vibe.

Methyl Ethel is a little tricky on the tongue, it is actually a chemical compound and the connection is a little vague. Webb and the band joked that none of them are chemistry majors or were particularly good at the subject in school, but had been getting into a bit of Breaking Bad (TV show) at the time which may be influenced the band’s namesake.

“It’s the early morning baby and I only wanna be with you” – a beautiful line to finish on.

Twilight Driving is from the album Oh Inhuman Spectacle by Methyl Ethyl.

These guys have sold out their shows at Northcote Social, so hopefully you were lucky enough to snag a ticket ! if not, you can still listen to their magical music in the playlist below 🙂 

– Becs 

Words: Rebecca Maakasa 






March 24th 2016
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