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The Hoist: Playlist (07.09.2015)


Stefan, Bec and Ben on The Hoist Mondays! We were lucky enough to have the Ocean Alley on the show tonight and thanks again to The Paper Kites for their chat!

Here is the play list for tonight’s show just in case you missed it!

Ben Wright Smith Born Yawning (Sweet 16 Track)
MT WARNING– Collapsed College ( Sweet 16 Track)
Silverchair– Shade
The Paper Kites- Electric Indigo
5 Seconds of Summer– Amnesia
Spazzys– My Boyfriend’s Back
Baby Animals Music– Winter’s Day
Taylor Henderson– When You Were Mine
Meredith– Levels ( Feature Artist)
AC/DC– Thunderstruck
Buffalo– Sunrise
Ocean Alley- Muddy Water
NEVER– Serpent Woman
Ross de Chene Hurricanes– Getting Old
Kooyeh– Soul Cleansing
Zeon– Coming Home


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