“The Key of Sea” – VARIOUS

 Sarah Blasko, Tim Rogers and The Cat Empire are amongst those joining forces with some of Australia’s finest migrant and refugee musicians to create a truly unique album to be released in November 2010.
“The Key Of Sea” is an album of collaborations between artists that you already love and artists who’ve brought their incredible musical cultures to Australia. It is a record of a creative process, a searching for common ground between musicians from vastly different cultural backgrounds. A document of shared music and stories exchanged.
The Key of Sea will feature songs by Sarah Blasko and Ajak Kwai (Sudan), The Cat Empire and Anbessa Gebrehiwot (Ethiopia), Tim Rogers and Rebetiki (Greece), Old Man River and Javier Fredes (Chile), Oh Mercy and Nadia Omar (Pakistan) and The Vasco Era and Yousif Aziz (Iraq) with more to be announced.
The collaborations are beautiful, fun and occasionally heartbreaking. Each story that emerged through the recording process shed new and fresh light on an otherwise exhausted topic. We’re left with a snapshot of Australian culture, a poignant, powerful and accessible document of Australian society at the dawn of the third millennium masquerading as an album of gorgeous pop and rock music.
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