‘The Lighter Side Of…’ – Laura Imbruglia

Laura Imbruglia returns from an extended hiatus with her brilliant 2nd album “The Lighter Side Of…” (due for release April 2 thru Ready Freddie Records/MGM).

Sarcastically titled, this new release covers some serious heartbreak territory with Laura’s signature wit in place to keep things from tipping too far into the land of grim. Switching between dark country (“When It All Falls Apart”), sparse atmospheric gloom (“Love or Cancer”, “Living on Light”) and shimmering power pop (“Pauly”) with ease, “The Lighter Side Of…” showcases Laura’s versatility, growth and unique song-writing smarts.             
Beautifully produced by Melbourne’s Nick Huggins (Whitley, Kid Sam), Laura herself & featuring backing from avant-garde drummer Robbie Avenaim (Phlegm, Wog), Nick Huggins, and appearances from members of You Am I, Talons and Seagull, this album really ups Laura’s ante. 
In keeping with the album’s theme, the painstakingly detailed album art is based on the concept of a heartbreak themed mini-Mad Magazine, featuring cover art by The Hard-Ons’ Ray Ahn! 
Other contributing artists include Lluis Fuzzhound, Lobsterman, Angus Wood and a slew of others. Expect a fold-in.