The rise to stardom: Meg McLaughlin

I dont have a photo for todays blog ooops think i got a tad distracted with all the fancy equipment and buzz at the 1700’s TV set, which was small but packed full of props and people.
Yesterday we got to sit in with objections with Hugh, Kenton and Ethen three young fuuny guys who we really enjoyed chilling with the studio which was mad as and we got to speak on the radio! but totally unexpected. I think that we are on the rise to fame because today we also got our names on there channel 31 programme 1700 it was under “camera operators” but we basically stood behind camera 1 listening to what was happening in the control room through some headphones for half the show and we spent the rest in the control room which was pretty cool Chloe and I made a good first impression on the people there and Chris even said he wanted us to join his show woo!
Today  Chloe and I started off by creating and sending; SYNs enews letter which goes out to over 3000 people and SYNs Volunteers news letter going out to just over 1000 people, which was obviously not the most exciteing this in the world but we got to sit at the Kristinas desk – which is one of the first things you see when you open SYNs big white door so I kinda felt like a boss.
We also done some typical admin duties that all workplaces have to do and we also watched some episodes of 1700 in preperation for this afternoon which featured some interesting performances by many people including “The Stiffys”… everyone should look up there performance on youtube (y) i think i have a new favourite band.
So far really good work experience at SYN! i would definitely recommend it to others! 
seeing as we ran out of time today we have to do our blogs at home…so this is my blog update at Chloes house..on her dads laptop…next to her dog.


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