Hahaha – Oh this is terrible!
Well I just lost my entire thursday post so i am going to type as quickly (and as terribly as i possibly can) OH WELL. We will do this right: Okay so what happened on Thursday.

First things first I sorted through all the comments on SYN’s website which was rather hilarious and entertaining. It’s amazing how many online medicine sellers want to advertise on SYN. They all guise themselves in a shiny “We Love!” and then continue with “Where to buy the best Peroxilin”. Wow my wrist is hurting from typing this fast maybe I should sit up a little straighter, or buy some peroxilin (I don’t know whether peroxilin is a real drug).
Anywho that was lovely fun, but wait, it get’s better. I didn’t tell you about Wednesday – I will save you the mundane and get to the good stuff – I GOT TO SIT IN ON New and Approved which was AWESOME. Everyone was so nice and i got to go on air for something like 20 seconds – really really good times.
But today, we stepped it up a notch, and I got to go on set at 1700. I thought it would be awkward and that I would just stand around watching but they put me on a camera. Specifically they put me on Camera 2 which was great fun. But the highlight of 1700 would have to be seeing and filming Ben Wells and The Middle Names (pictured) perform live. Really they were absolutely spectacular, and there was so many of them! Such a great performance! I’m so lucky to have seen them in such a small space, how many other people can say they saw Ben Wells and the Middle Names perform live in front of 4 people 😀 Good Times All Round.
Some good music is playing at SYN at the moment, and speaking of good music.  After going to 1700 I got to sit in on SYN’s New Music Meeting, I expected it to be really serious and intense. But no, again I have been surprised! it was extremelly relaxed, just a bunch of happy people listening to rather interesting music. Including that of Captain Dan & The Scurvy Crew – which yes, is pirate themed hip-hop. SYN was sent in their entire back catelogue which was pretty stunning to listen to a few snippets. Ah Fun Fun Times.
Well, Until Next Time (which should hopefully be soon)
– Arundhathi

October 7th 2011
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